Woke Companies Urge Congress to Pass National Election Law

More than 150 multinational companies have signed a letter urging Congress to take over U.S. elections. Apple, Best Buy, PepsiCo, Levi Strauss and others are calling for a nationalized election system through the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

“High up in these corporations have become extensions of the liberal socialist movement in society that doesn't represent America, but certainly has a lot of power in America, including over these corporations," former Trump official Ken Cuccinelli told KTRH's Michael Berry following baseball's decision to move its All-Star Game in protest against Georgia's stricter election laws.

“These boards hear from the woke whiners and the people at the cocktail parties they go to,” he says. “But ordinary Americans don't support this. That's not who they're talking to.”

He said it's clear the Biden White House is using corporations to advance its 'woke' agenda.

“What he said in his inaugural address with the unity, that every disagreement doesn't have to be scorched Earth or political. Then he steps into this and says 'I support Major League Baseball pulling out of Atlanta.' Complete hypocrisy,” Cuccinelli added.

Cuccinelli says the only way to fight back is by boycotting them.

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