Millions of Americans Still Waiting for Tax Refunds

If you are still waiting for your tax refund, you are not alone. The Internal Revenue Service says it is currently working through a backlog of 35 million 2020 tax filings.

Houston CPA Bob Fumagalli blames the federal government for complicating matters with COVID unemployment benefits, stimulus checks, Child Tax Credit and moving deadlines.

“There were changes in the tax law, so they had to redesign their software. There was unemployment they decided was not going to be taxable for people, so they had to refund money to them. Now you've got this new Child Tax Credit.”

“I think they put what is really their main job to process tax returns on the backburner,” he says.

The tough part says Fumagalli, is you cannot get anyone from the IRS to answer a phone or email to explain.

“A lot people are counting on this money,” he says. “Here we are in the middle of summer and people wanted this money for their summer vacation.”

Fumagalli says CPAs do not have any answers either, so everyone will just have to wait for the IRS to sort it all out.

You can check your refund status with the IRS here.

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