Pension Bonus for Retired Texas Teachers Waiting for House Dems' Return

A “13th check” for more than 400,000 retired Texas teachers is now in limbo due to House Democrats breaking quorum this week. The Texas Senate passed bills providing up to a $2,400 bonus for retiree teachers.

Friday is Day 4 of the Democrats' run-and-hide strategy as they protest the GOP election integrity bill. Political analyst Vlad Davidiuk says leave it to Democrats to ignore immediate needs of the people who put them there.

“The '13th check' for teachers. Bail reform. The life for average Texans who have to make due with trying to recover after a COVID pandemic. It's distressing that Democrats feel their agenda is more important than addressing those needs,” he says.

House Speaker Dade Phelan kept busy Thursday, stripping El Paso Rep. Joe Moody of his Speaker Pro Tempore title. Phelan also chartered a private jet to go to D.C. Saturday to pick up any House Democrat willing to return to Austin.

The House Democratic Caucus issued a statement essentially telling Phelan to shove it.

Davidiuk says those who split to D.C. should heed Sen. John Whitmire's advice and return to face the Republican majority, whatever the outcome may be.

“Democrats just don't want to face reality,” he says. “It's ironic that they consistently rant and rave about people not accepting outcomes of elections. That's precisely what they've been doing and what they are doing right now.”

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