Texas House Democrats Still Costing Taxpayers With D.C. Stunt

The Texas Senate adds bail reform and property tax relief to the GOP election bill passed earlier this week. But dozens of House Democrats remain in Washington, D.C.

The question of who is paying for all this was finally asked to Texas House Democratic Caucus leader Chris Turner Wednesday.

“All this is entirely funded through donations,” Turner told reporters. “Our caucus and all the caucuses raise money.”

Beto O'Rourke is bragging his political action committee raised $400,000 for the cause. However, Texas taxpayers are still shelling out roughly $43,000 a day in their absence.

The House Speaker wants members who broke quorum to give back their $221 daily stipend. Sate Rep. Steve Toth, R-The Woodlands, told Jimmy Barrett on KPRC 950 he thinks they should lose their entire budget for a year.

“If you don't show up and it causes a break in quorum, you and your office lose your budget for a year, which means not only do you not get paid but you lose your entire staff. They should be punished and punished hard,” he said.

“To be in Washington, D.C., it's the ultimate middle finger to Texas taxpayers.”

Gov. Abbott told The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show his office is looking at possibly vacating the seats of House Democrats who fled and calling a special election to replace them.

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