Texas AG Sues Biden to Continue Title 42 Public Health Rule for Illegals

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is seeking an injunction to stop the Biden White House from ending a Trump-era public health rule used to deport roughly 100,000 illegal aliens each month.

It's called Title 42, and Sen. Ted Cruz introduced legislation this week that would extend the order due to COVID.

“There is still a global pandemic. Many Americans have gotten vaccinated. I've gotten vaccinated. But a lot of the people coming here illegally, they haven't,” said Cruz.

Vaccination rates in many Latin American countries are only in the single digits compared to the U.S. where about half the country's population is fully vaccinated.

West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito was among a dozen or so Republicans urging the White House Wednesday to continue Title 42.

“We still have provisions in this country where we're making sure we are protecting ourselves and being safe as possible from COVID. Why wouldn't we continue to do that on our southern border and protect our border agents, ICE and all the law enforcement,” Capito said.

Sen. John Cornyn warned ending Title 42 would give migrants another incentive and overwhelm our already broken system.

“If we lose this tool, given what the Biden administration has done, laid out the welcome mat to anybody and everybody who wants to come to the United States illegally without any consequence, they feel they will simply lose control of the border,” he said.

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