D.C. Spotlight on Texas Battle over Election Integrity

President Joe Biden says the battle over voting rights in Texas and across the nation are the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.

“It's the most dangerous threat to voting the integrity of free and fair elections in our history,” Biden said Tuesday.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer echoed those sentiments.

“You hear the arguments. They're not that different than the arguments made by segregationist senators from the south 50 years ago,” he said.

"We have two weeks of early voting. It's absurd. As a candidate that is the part that is the most grueling. You stand outside for about 12 hours a day for two weeks as everyone comes in. Some of those days nobody is voting," new Texas GOP Chair Matt Rinaldi told KPRC 950's Kenny Webster.

Meanwhile, the Texas House voted to send law enforcement after democrats who broke quorum by fleeing to D.C. this week. Rinaldi thinks the governor and House leadership should throw the book at the 50-plus Democrats who ran out on their constituents.

“The governor can call special session after special session to force the democrats to come home and as soon as they step foot in the state he can arrest them, which he indicated he was willing to do,” he said.

“The speaker of the House can strip democrats of their committee chairmanships, which they absolutely should do.”

But Republican Caucus Chair Jim Murphy instead offered an olive branch Tuesday, hoping to lure Democrats back the state capitol.

“Those bills can be amended on the House floor. It is their legislation. It's theirs to shape. It's theirs to work on. And we await their presence,” Murphy told reporters.

Meantime, Texas Democrats plan to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris for a second time in recent weeks.

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