Virtual Learning, Unions, CRT Driving Mass Exodus from Public Schools

After a year of mask mandates, failed virtual learning and debate over Critical Race Theory, many conservatives are pulling their kids from public schools in favor of private or faith-based classrooms.

“We're in a conclusion of 170-year failed experiment. Statewide public education has failed and it's time to abandon it wholesale,” says Lt. Col. (Ret) Ray Moore, founder of Exodus Mandate and chairman of

However, he is not in favor of tax-funded state subsidized vouchers.

“We feel that would bring corruption and government control back into the private schools, and we're trying to get away from that,” says Moore.

And that's where churches come into play.

“We have tens of thousand of churches that are empty five days a week. They could start schools, pay for it out of their budgets and have benevolence for poor families. Of course homeschooling is dirt cheap.”

Moore believes the more private or faith-based schools crop up; it will help drive down tuition costs.

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