Tensions Flare as Texas Special Session Gets Underway

Texas Democrats call out Governor Greg Abbott prior to the start of the special session.

“"The governor is solely focused on politics, focused on 2022, perhaps focused on 2024," said state Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie, adding that Abbott is "spending state resources, wasting valuable time and energy to cater to the far-right extremists of his party."

Hearings in the Texas House and Senate get underway. The 11 agenda items include a redo on Critical Race Theory, trans athletes, bail reform and border security.

“The one Democrats fear the most is the one we're hellbent on getting, which is voter integrity. We're not leaving without that, and I think we get everything else,” state Rep. Steve Toth, R-Conroe, told Jimmy Barrett on KPRC 950.

But former state representative Jonathan Stickland, considered one of the most conservative while in office, gave fellow KPRC 950 host Kenny Webster his take on the special session.

“They first tried to sell us this was the most conservative session we've ever seen. Look at how awesome we are. Now we have a list of 11 things, oops we should have done this,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we're just back here sitting in our seats watching the show. I've been in those back rooms. I've been a part of these meetings. This is all Kabuki theater.”

Stickland also thinks Gov. Abbott is scrambling for votes heading into next year's gubernatorial race.

“It's literally a micromanaged theater process and we're seeing Greg Abbott scrambling,” he added. “He's up for re-election. He's got some very solid conservative opponents that have lined up against him and he's scrambling to try and trick people into believing that he's a conservative as well.”

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