Complaints Pile Up as Airlines Scramble to Meet Surge in Demand

Canceled flights, weather delays and lost baggage continue to plague airlines as they scramble to meet demand post-COVID.

Houstonian Chris Gordy says he and his wife ran into problems on a recent trip to and from Ft. Lauderdale.

“In the Uber at about 4am on the way to the airport my wife gets a text your flight has been canceled. But no explanation was given on why the flight was just canceled,” he says.

“Every plane rode on was fully booked, but it seems like they're not equipped and ready for a 100-percent return back to air travel.”

He is not alone. Thousands of disgruntled airline passengers have taken to social media in recent weeks. Many complaining they had to wait for pilots or entire cabin crews.

Josh Verde is a retired airline pilot turned attorney. He says carriers have been caught with their pants down as the country emerges from COVID.

“The airlines either underestimated how quickly we would return to pre-COVID flying levels or really have just had a challenge in finding qualified people to fill these positions,” he says.

Verde believes all these issues are temporary and should be resolved well before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Staffing and having available airplanes , that's something the airlines should have been focusing on six months ago. But they definitely need to focus on it know so that the flying public can feel confident.”

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