Pressed by Radical Left, Biden Ignores Surge in Violent Crime, Murders

Violent crime in Houston and around the country is on the rise, but Democrats only solution is more gun control. There were reportedly more than 400 shootings and over 150 Americans killed by gunfire over Fourth of July weekend.

Just Tuesday, New York's governor declared a statewide gun violence "disaster emergency." But the solution only piggybacks on President Biden's call for more background checks and reporting.

“When you defund the police and you stop cash bail to violent criminals, put them right back out on the street in a revolving door, gun control isn't going to work,” says Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.

Meanwhile, Chicago's mayor calls you a racist if you question why murders are skyrocketing.

“In Chicago, if you're a gun offender even and you get arrested, they immediately with no cash bail put you back out on the street immediately,” says Gottlieb. “A lot of those people are creating second and third crimes. It's deplorable.”

Gottlieb says recent polling shows even Democratic voters are seeing gun control is not the answer.

“Just in the last few weeks along, 11 percent of Democrats have rejected Biden's gun control push,” he says. “Overall, eight percent of the people in American have dropped support for it, so it's moving in our direction for gun rights away from gun control.”

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