Abbott, Biden in Mexican Standoff Over Border, Migrant Facilities

The Biden White House continues to use military bases to house migrant children after Gov. Greg Abbott threatened to pull the licenses of 52 Texas agencies working with office of refugee resettlement.

Gov. Abbott issued the order at the end of May, following the launch of an investigation into allegations of child sex abuse, understaffing, unfed children and a failure to separate kids with COVID.

“Regardless of whether they're held on federal property or state jurisdiction the governor of Texas certainly has reason to be concerned,” says Ira Mehlman with the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Health and Human Services later said it was working with the DOJ on possibly suing Texas. It comes at the same time Gov. Abbott has pledged to finish portions of the border wall left open by Biden.

“I haven't seen whether they've filed any lawsuits, but I can bet they would do everything in their power to prevent them from doing it.”

Mehlman says Texas has flipped the script on the Biden administration which stripped ICE of its deportation powers, while also supporting sanctuary cities and counties.

“Now the shoe is on the other foot. Texas is saying they're not going to cooperate in providing licenses to the detention facilities because they simply don't want them there,” he says.

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