Historian: Wokeism is a Systemic Con

A conservative scholar is calling out wokeism as a "big lie" and the con artists who keep it going.

Victor David Hanson at Stanford University's Hoover Institute, says wokeism is really just elites projecting their own prejudices on others to distract from their failure to balance the nation's budget and secure the southern border.

“Stil or Mao or Hitler, all of these people said the same thing. They couldn't trust the people. They know what's good for them and they're going to lie and deceive them. If anybody speaks up, they're going to be the nail that gets hammered down,” he says.

“In Plato's laws, there's a discussion of if the rabble of democracy don't make the right decisions, shouldn't the guardians and the superior people be able to lie and not suffer the consequences. And they says 'yes.' So that became this notion the elite have a duty to lie to us.”

Hanson says it won't stop until those right-of-center stand up and do something about it.

“Most people on the center-right are busy with their families. With their businesses. They have a culture of silence, he says. “They let that minority act as if they have more numbers than they do.”

That means refraining from spending any money whatsoever with so-called "woke" companies.

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