Driver Shortage Could Cause Minor Fuel Outages

Hope you filled your gas tank when you returned home from the holiday weekend, because a driver shortage is reportedly slowing down the supply chain.

Just as the summer driving season really kicks in, there is a shortage of tanker truck drivers to transport fuel from storage terminals to the stations. When the pandemic shutdown the economy, many either retired or found other work

“There are very strict regulations on who can drive. They have to go through a lot of training. Let's face it. After COVID-19 a lot them were laid off and they didn't come back to work.” says Phil Flynn, senior market analyst for PRICE Futures Group.

Flynn suggests sticking close to home for the next couple weeks, if possible.

“Make sure you are filled up in a widely populated area because you're going to have your best chance to find gas, as opposed to other areas where the outages might be a little be more sketchy.”

But he says any disruption to the gas supply should be short lived.

“Unlike the Colonial Pipeline issue, you'll probably be able find a gas station a couple of blocks or miles away to fill up, so it's not going to be widespread,” says Flynn. “But there are going to be indications where we are going to see supplies run out at few key gas stations.”

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