Suburbs Fill Independence Day Void in Houston

For a second straight summer, there will be no live music at Houston's "Shell Freedom Over Texas," but other local communities are offering Independence Day celebrations filled with music, food, parades and fireworks of course.

Houston city officials blamed uncertainty of COVID and not having enough time to plan a live concert, but some people are not buying it.

“The Miller Outdoor Theater performances are all sponsored in part by the city of Houston, so they can manage to put the funds and the resources and the people behind these other events but they can't seem to celebrate the Fourth of July. It almost makes you think they don't want to celebrate our country's heritage,” says Becky Blalock at the Freedom Matters Action Group.

“Our numbers have been declining since January and have never gone back up since Gov. Abbott reopened us on March 2. There's no reason to have this be shut down.”

Live music is planned in Bellaire, CITYCENTRE, Missouri City, Katy, Tomball and elsewhere.

“If other little branches of the Houston area, little communities can plan fireworks than there's no reason why the city of Houston can't do that as well,” says Blalock.

Families can still view Houston's fireworks from Eleanor Tinsley Park, according to the city's website.

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