Cornyn says GOP is Negotiating Amnesty Deal with Democrats

Sen. John Cornyn is reportedly negotiating an amnesty deal with democrats that would give green cards to millions of illegal aliens.

Cornyn made the statement to PunchBowl News, an online outlet in D.C, suggesting compromise on DACA, those given Temporary Protected Status and farm workers. But Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, is hopeful something else is going on here.

“I suspect that this is a maneuver, a political maneuver rather than an actual bill that anyone intends to see the light of day,” he says.

Krikorian says there's no way Republicans can trust the current administration.

“They have said on the record that they're not going to enforce immigration laws. So why on Earth would Congress pass some immigration law that requires the administration to implement it in good faith when they know that's not going to happen?”

He warns the plan could backfire if Democrats and enough Republicans actually agree to a compromise.

“It's possible Democrats might wise up and say okay, we'll take this limited half a loaf instead of what we really want and tolerate the push back from our radical left that says it's not enough. But at least we'll get something out of it.”

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