Energy Industry Braces for More Legal Fights with Biden Administration

Energy companies are hoping they'll see more victories in court as they fight back against the Biden administration.

Many in the Lone Star State are praising a recent ruling by a federal judge in Louisiana, which stops the president from blocking new oil and gas leases on federal land. Jason Isaac, with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, says since his first day in office, Joe Biden has tried to phase out natural gas and petroleum under the guise of combating climate change.

“Hopefully, that means that we’re actually going to produce oil and gas here in the United States where we produce it more responsibility than any other nation in the world,” Isaac said. “That’s good for energy independence, that’s good for Americans, and that’s good for environmental leadership and economic prosperity.”

However, he warns the administration still has the power to impose more restrictions on drilling.

“To lift restrictions on the Russians so they can build the Nord Stream 2 [Pipeline] when we can get natural gas exported from the United States and into Europe, and into India, and into China, with fewer emissions than from the same gas coming from Russia. That’s just appalling,” Isaac explained.

He also warns of higher energy costs, which means the price of everything else will go up too.

So, what's the right way for the energy sector to move in the future? Isaac says it won't be through big government regulations, but through American ingenuity and creativity.

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