Space Goes Woke: NASA Promotes Racial 'Equity'

NASA seems less interested in space than in race these days. The agency has launched a new initiative called Mission Equity that is as woke as it sounds. The mission seeks to "streamline its programs, procurements, grants, regulations and policies to remove systemic inequitable barriers and challenges facing underserved communities."

Gabe Kaminsky, political commentator and writer at the Federalist, says behind all the fancy language, Mission Equity is promoting critical race theory and affirmative action. "NASA claims that they're pushing equal opportunity, whereas the program is called equity---which means equality of outcome," he tells KTRH. "This is a great example of how our institutions hide behind what they're really pushing."

NASA is just the latest federal agency to push woke propaganda. The CIA and the Pentagon have launched similar programs aimed at racial equity. "These agencies have determined that they have some other obligation to engage in political activities, and sort of function as political action committees," says Kaminsky.

Kaminsky warns that with the spread of racial propaganda through the federal government, the fight against critical race theory is no longer just in the schools. "Conservatives need to stop being so shocked about critical race theory," says Kaminsky. "Because this is happening ubiquitously, it's happening in every institution, and it's time to take action."

Photo: Getty Images North America

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