Movie theaters are opening up again - even if the crowds aren't big yet.

Theater owners say people are slowly coming back. Patrick Corcoran with the National Association of Theater Owners says there are more good movies on the way. "We have seen a few big releases coming out the last few weeks. There was "Quiet Place II" that did really big business. And we're going to see a number of good movies in the next few months that are films people are going to want to see."

Corcoran says almost all of Houston's theaters are open, don't require masks and every seat is open ....and the studios are cooperating. "People have to be aware that's there's something showing that they want to see, so advertising is important. Now with vaccinations going up and Covid cases going down, we're going to see a lot more movies being released."

Corcoran says the biggest way to get seats filled is with movies people want to see. "This weekend we have The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, then we'll start seeing films like The Forever Purge and Black Widow. He says the studios were waiting for theaters, like the ones in Houston, to re-open to 100 per cent capacity and drop the mask mandates before they released their latest. Next week is Cinema Week with special showings and promotions.

Another good sign- a brand new Regal Theater opened last night in Spring.

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Couple eating popcorn in movie theater

Going to the Movies is BackPhoto: PhotoAlto

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