The GOP Must Die, To Save The Republican Party

With the countdown already on to the 2022 mid-term elections, a lot has already been said, and will continue to be said, about the state of the Republican party.

Most believe that former President Donald Trump is still the leader, not a surprise there. And others also believe that the 'GOP', represents the old group from the swamp, and that it must come to an end for the conservative movement, and Republicans to be successful.

Brandon Morse, writer and editor for RedState told KTRH, "I think it really is going that way, it is shedding the old ways."

And Morse also points out that Donald Trump wasn't necessarily the cause, but more of a re-action to the where the party was at. "We were searching all along for a way forward, we were looking for a playbook, and it just so happened that Donald Trump kind of wrote it" he said.

The team is not complete, or as Morse says, the Republican party needs to "hatch into a new creation." But as we get closer to next year, and start looking ahead to 2024, a house divided will not stand. And some of the old school Rino's, or 'never Trumpers' as they're called, might be in for a rude awakening.

"They're either going to get on board with this new way of doing things, or they will fade away" Morse said, adding "And I can tell you that it's going to be really hard for these old school Republicans to that because they're so entrenched in the life-style that they have. But that's just the way things go."

As for what we can expect with next years critical elections? Morse says "I think we're going to see something very interesting in next year's mid-terms, a political war, because both parties are becoming something else."

Morse also pointed out the MAGA momentum continues to grow, even here in Texas, where Republican Javier Villalobos beat a Democrat to become the new Mayor in McAllen, where the population is 85% Hispanic. "You have more minorities going from Democrat to Republican" he said.

Which is exactly what we saw in last years elections as well, especially here in Texas.

Welcome to the new GOP.

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