FOP Blames Defund Police Rhetoric for Spike in Shootings Against Cops

The numbers don't lie. Police officers across the U.S. are being targeted by gunfire in the wake of last summer's BLM riots and 'defund police' movement.

As of Friday, there had been 131 U.S. police officers shot in the line of duty, with nearly 30 killed. That's a 30-percent increase from 2019 and nearly 10-percent increase from last year's historic numbers.

“It's a perfect recipe of people who want to defund the police, people who continue to demonize the police and the revolving door of criminal justice policies that we're seeing in a lot major urban areas,” says Joe Gamaldi at the Fraternal Order of Police.

Ambush-style attacks against cops are also up 50-percent.

“Some of them just walked up to officers while they were out on the street. Others actually plan it out where they will call an officer beforehand on a false call, wait for the officers to arrive and then open fire. It's completely sickening,” says Gramaldi.

The FOP says anti-police sentiment and policies are creating a long-term "crisis" for communities.

“When you continue to see the continued attacks on law enforcement is anyone really surprised when you paint us as the enemy in every major news story that you possibly can, these are the results,” Gramaldi added.

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