Stockholm Syndrome Over Mask Wearing – Why Some People Can’t Quit Masking

With information coming out daily, questioning Dr. Anthony Fauci and his flip flops on mask wearing, another doctor has a different take.

That doctor would be Dr. Brian Joondeph, who wrote an interesting piece for American Thinker. Basically, we now have a new 'Stockholm Syndrome' for mask wearing.

"Stockholm Syndrome is when captors hold people hostage, and the hostages eventually identify with their captors" Joondeph told KTRH. "We're seeing the captors of mask use, Dr. Fauci, government bureaucrats, Governors, all requiring masks endlessly, are really the captors of the nation."

If you "follow the science", not only does it show that masks did nothing to slow the spread (as Dr. Fauci himself said originally), but the CDC now says that people that are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks.

So why are so many people still wearing them? And if having everyone get a vaccine shot is the ultimate goal, then why do we still need them?

"I think after a year of being held hostage to masks, people are starting to identify with it" Dr. Joondeph said. "And just like in the Stockholm Syndrome where they loved their captors, that's what people are doing to masks. The masks are the captors here."

In the meantime, Dr. Fauci continues to be 'unmasked' with Dr. Joondeph exposing more truth in a separate article for American Thinker. "That's a hot subject" Joondeph said adding, "He knew that masks didn't work, and yet he was selling all these things, gracing the covers of magazines, he was on the news all the time, and he was pushing one agenda and yet privately believed another."

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. "It's become so politicized that a mask is like wearing a virtue signaling ribbon, or a bumper sticker on your car" he said. "I think some people are so terrified, or feel that wearing their mask is a poke at Trump and his supporters."

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