Cruise Companies Get CDC Approval for Trips Out of Galveston in July

Cruise lines say they'll be ready to set sail from Galveston next month.

No firm dates yet, however Carnival Cruise ships and Royal Caribbean have the green light from the CDC to sail from Texas in July. Neither has released health and safety details. Galveston Mayor Craig Brown says they're be happy to open back up after more than a year of suspended activity. He says the island normally makes millions in tax revenue each year from passengers who travel to Galveston.

“We’re the largest drive-to port in the United States from the standpoint of the cruise industry, and a lot of our cruise passengers are coming from the Midwest,” Brown said. “[It] helps fund many of our tourist related activities, promotional activities for the island, and sales tax, our restaurants and shopping. It benefits the island in many different ways.”

The Port CEO estimates Galveston lost $44 million over a 14-15 month period when cruise activity was suspended.

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