Industry Experts Skeptical of ERCOT Changes, Legislation to Fix Texas Grid

Heads rolled at ERCOT while Texas lawmakers passed a slew of measures aimed to prevent another power grid failure like we saw in February. But was it enough to avoid rolling brown outs this summer?

“I don't think the problem was having experts from out-of-state on the ERCOT grid, the problem was the legislature hasn't been taking the steps needed to make the system work properly,” Daniel Cohan, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Rice University.

The legislature passed bills to weatherize the system, streamline communication and ensure Texas experts oversee the grid. ERCOT insists it has enough juice for the hot summer months.

“There still hasn't been the willingness to do enough to fully protect us from blackouts,” says Cohan.

He believes the state would be far better off linking up with the nation's power grid.

“The idea is that Texas needs to be on our own because we can better manage things ourselves, but I believe that idea was blown out of the water in February when we saw how the Texas-run grid failed us.”

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