We Have Reaction To Biden’s Big Speech – We’re Ready To Fact Check!

Now that was a speech!

On a night when the radical left agenda was exposed for all to see, (R) Senator Tim Scott stole the show!

As you heard here on KTRH, President Joe Biden gave his first address to what was actually -not- a joint session of Congress, even though that's what it was billed.

The 200 person guest list was hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi, and it included mask wearing and extreme social distancing, even though the CDC announced it was safe for people that have been vaccinated. Was that the right message to be sending?

And why was it ok to pack everyone in to impeach Donald Trump in January? But last night everyone needed masks and distancing?

KTRH's Sean Hannity said on Fox, "What kind of message is that sending? How does that encourage Americans who might be hesitant to get the vaccine?"

As for Biden's speech, it lasted approximately 1:07 minutes, and it included yet another call for massive government spending and control.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who was in the chamber, was not impressed. "The speech you could sum up in 3 words. Boring, but radical."

And remember all of those promises about bringing the nation together? Cruz said, "A hundred days ago, he talked about unity and common ground. All of that was gone tonight. This was an agenda that was set by Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and AOC. It's the radicals and socialism."

But as bad, and scary as it was, on a positive note the GOP may have received a different 'shot in the arm' with the emergence of South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

"I think Tim did a terrific job, I'm glad he gave the response." Cruz said on Fox.

The GOP should be happy as well.

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