Is It Time For Bush Republicans To Just Go Away?

Massive spending aside, Joe Biden made one other thing clear. The Democrats are all in for their radical agenda.

The other big problem for Republicans? Unity.

With so much at stake, so much to lose, and so much already being lost! You would think that the GOP would band together more than ever? But now the latest rift is with former President George W. Bush.

Making the rounds to promote his new book 'Out Of Many, One: Portraits Of America's Immigrants', Bush has done a pretty good job promoting Democrats. And his friendship with Michelle Obama.

Political analyst Luke Macias says this all goes back to 2016. "The Bush's are part of a governing elite that really thought that if they don't support the Republican nominee, how on earth could that person get the support of the American people?" Macias said, "And yet Trump won, and he won states that George W. Bush had a hard time winning."

But instead of thinking about winning, in 2022 and 2024, the former President had no issues with Joe Biden and the left, while calling the current Republican party "isolationist" and "nativist," while saying that the GOP is in need of lessons in humanity and fellowship.

"Bush is fundamentally pushing policies where he believes that we shouldn't have an immigration system, we shouldn't actually tell people that crossing the border is an illegal act. We should reward those who break our laws" said Macias.

And as for Bush ever unifying or rallying behind Trump? Macias says it's not going to happen. "I think he's very defensive because he sees that Trump's version of GOP leadership, is far more desirable from Republican voters."

Some longtime conservatives are calling for George W. Bush to stay away. That could happen, after the book tour is done.

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