U.S. Vaccination Sites Are Closing As Demand For Covid Shots Plummet

Not only are the Covid numbers way down here in Houston. So is the demand for vaccine shots.

Remember spending all day frantically trying to book an appointment on-line? Not anymore. If you want a shot? Walk-in's are available.

Harris County officials will never say this publicly, especially we're still at threat level red for some unknown reason. But we have hit a vaccine wall.

Those who want the vaccine shots can get them, and those who want to wait are not. And that is bothering those who believe that we won't be truly safe until we reach 'herd immunity'.

In the meantime, the federal government is spending millions of tax dollars to push the vaccine.

Michael Johns, the former White House speech writer who is now a prominent health care executive told KTRH, he blames the Biden administration for bad mixed messaging.

"This another failure of presidential leadership" Johns said. "What the American people needed to hear is what you now have Biden's HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra saying, and that is maybe Donald Trump should come out and reinforce taking the vaccine."

And while it's all good now, with numbers dropping, and the nation opening back up, you can't help but wonder if the pressure will be turned up for those who want to wait for a shot?

"What's happened is you've had some side effects" Johns said, "and you can't coerce, or mandate the American people to take them." At least for now.

Here in Texas, recent numbers show that less than a quarter of the population has been vaccinated, around 7 million. That number jumps to over 60% for Texans 65 and older.

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