Don’t Look Now But We’re Becoming A Sanctuary Nation For Lawbreakers

It's been over a week since former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. And the left's narrative that all police are the bad guys, continues.

So why is it that Democrats are so persistent on glorifying criminals? While disparaging the police? The same police that they use for their own benefits? Is it just a ploy for more votes?

Houston City Councilman Mike Knox, a former police officer himself, told KTRH "There's a mood in the country for anarchy, doing away with police, the presentation that police are evil." 'I can tell you this as a former policeman myself, there's no policeman who wakes up in the morning wanting to hurt people."

Unfortunately, the police are hurt by the one-sided attacks from the left and the corporate media, the majority of which is done without the key facts.

And here in Harris County it's the public that continues to be hurt by liberal judges who for some mind boggling reason continue to let violent criminals out of jail on PR bonds.

"It's gone a little to far now" Knox says, "And it's creating a safety issue for the people of Houston, and Texas."

And many would say, so have the Democrat calls to 'defund the police'.

"If you surrender your liberty for the promise of safety, you will have neither liberty or safety" Knox said quoting Benjamin Franklin. "The Democratic party works hard at creating fear and racism, so that people think the government is going to help them."

Knox concluded by pointing out that lost in all of this demonizing of police and glorifying criminals? The actual victims of crime.

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