The days of cheap airfare are OVER!

Airfares are climbing and Airline Expert Jay Ratliff says it's simple supply and demand. "Airlines are seeing fewer airplanes operating now - remember during the pandemic lockdown they parked a good number of their aircraft - so we have fewer seats available. With more people traveling, fewer seats means higher fares --- and that's exactly what we're seeing!"

About that Mini-horse on the American Airline Flight...

Airline executives are not losing as much money this year as they did last year - Ratliff says "Airlines around the world last year lost a combined total of $127 billion! So they are going to cram as many people into those 'silver revenue tubes' as they can --- and that's going to continue." Airline executives reporting their latest quarterly results aren't happy yet - but they're getting closer to it, and don't be surprised if the planes are packed. He suggests you buy your tickets as soon as possible, check prices as early in the day as possible and consider flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday. He says so far, no proof of Covid testing or vaccination is required for domestic flights.

Those cheap ticket prices were good while they lasted!

photo: Getty Images

Airplanes are packed again

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