10 Huge Corporations Making Big $ Forcing Americans Into Vaccine Passports

The Covid cash grab continues!

First, the states made money. Then it was the pharma industry. Next on the list? Big business, battling to come up with a 'vaccine passport'.

According to a report in The Federalist, right now there are -10- big corporations hoping to cash in. They include, Microsoft, Mastercard, and Oracle.

"The concept of a vaccine passport is unamerican" says political analyst Vlad Davidiuk. "No American should ever be forced to show their papers, or reveal their private health information."

But that could be coming, especially considering how much that information is worth.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has said "there are no current plans for a vaccine passport", however privately 3 different companies are currently working on them.

Blue states seem to be all for them, while Red states like Texas and Flordia have already signed into law, a ban on any kind of a vaccine passport.

"I'm glad to see Governor Abbott implement that ban" Davidiuk told KTRH. "It's something that should be done by the White House", which is not likely.

The White House is fully aware of how that will look, so it's better to let the big corporations be the bad guys. We've already seen them pull it off with the big tech censorship.

As we've seen, many of these bad ideas are even worse in reality. One of the passport programs put out from IBM was hacked in just :11 minutes!

Scary, but true.

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