Rural Trump Voters Already Live In The Safe, Utopia That The Left Wants

According to social media, and the corporate media, The U.S. is racist, white people are bad, and the only one who can save us is Joe Biden.

But the reality is, as pointed out in a recent column by John Nolte on Breitbart, the 'Utopia' that the Democrats are trying to create via socialism already exists.

They're called the suburbs and middle America.

Texas politician Wesley Hunt, who told KTRH that he is planning to run again for U.S. Congress in 2022, is expecting there to be a pretty large 'red wave' for Republicans in the midterms.

"There is this silent majority in this country" Hunt says. "Turn the tv on and you look at social media that is all run by the far left, and the perception is that is worse than it is."

That includes the left's continual cry of racism and defunding the police, with no accountability for NBA star Lebron James for his posts on the shooting in Columbus, where a white police officer saved the life of a black teenager by shooting a 16-year old who did not listen, and was about to stab with a knife.

"He has 45 million followers" Hunt said about James, "And he makes that post about the police officer who literally saved a life. But Lebron took that narrative and ran with it." And again, without any accountability, or even an apology to the officer.

Hunt also notices another truth that you won't hear from the mainstream. All of these problems are happening in Democrat run cities.

"We watched an entire summer of American cities getting burned to the ground. Was their rioting and a ton of looting in conservative states? No! There wasn't anything going on the mid-west and the rust belt."

All of this Hunt says is setting up for that red wave. "These are the kinds of narratives, coupled with what's happening at the border, that I think are just going to really invigorate the Republican base" Hunt says, adding "But also those people who are moderates and on the fence are going to realize this is not what we bargained for."

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