Covid Vaccine: Some Regions Are Resisting & Unused Vaccines Are Piling Up

As the Covid vaccine rollout continues, the vaccination rates continue to go up, while the positivity rates, hospitalizations, and death rates plummet.

Now that the numbers are much more positive, we're not hearing as much about them.

We're also not hearing a lot about the reports that unused vaccines are piling up in certain spots around the country.

We continue to hear from the media that everyone needs the vaccine, and that everyone wants the vaccine, and yet there is still a large number of people that don't want it.

"There are a lot of people who do not want to get vaccinated" said KTRH's Dr. Joe Galati. "The younger, middle age, and on the healthier side. It's the people in the middle who are still a little bit leery."

Making things worse the last couple of weeks was the pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six people came down with blood clots. One of them died.

"Anytime you see negative press on the vaccine, people are going to react" Galati says, while also pointing out that the number is still extremely low. And as for the vaccine stock-pile? Galati believes that could also be a distribution issue because "there are plenty of people who still need to be vaccinated."

Thankfully, as Galati noted, the elderly and a majority of those with previous conditions have received their shots. He has also been in impressed specifically with the vaccine distribution here in Texas.

Galati's main message though remains the same. "For those of us in health care, our message is that it is safe and you need to get vaccinated."

Even if you want to wait.


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