Transparency? Joe Biden Has No Plans To Start Meeting With The Media

It was a joke before the election, except that it was true. Joe Biden, staying in his basement and avoiding the media. Hidin' Biden!

It turns out, the joke was on everyone else because it worked! The Democrats (along with help from Big Tech censoring the -Hunter- Biden scandal) were able to keep Biden under wraps just enough, to make it to the White House.

After winning the election, Biden promised "unity" and "transparency". But so far to date, Biden has had just the one formal news conference. It's even worse for Vice President Kamala Harris who has gone almost a month without speaking to the media about the border crisis. But that's another article, for another time.

Back to Biden, White House officials actually went on the record to Politico and said that the plan is to keep the President away from reporters. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center told KTRH, "Biden ran the basement strategy to be the counter-Trump, and it worked so they've continued it."

Initially, Biden blew off the media because he was "too busy dealing with the pandemic". But now, especially with his approval rating plummeting due to the border debacle, the Democrats don't want Biden to look bad.

Normally, the media would be outraged over this. But this isn't your normal media. As we've seen with everything so far, the Biden administration receives no criticism of any kind from the corporate media.

A far cry compared to the previous 4 years under Donald Trump. "Not only were the media out to get Trump, they lied every day" Gainor says, adding "Sometime comedian Samantha Bee was asked why she doesn't make any jokes about Biden?" Her reply? "Well why would I? I'm happy with him" And Gainor says "that's how the media is."

Joe Biden

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