Positive Jobs Report Shows Business Owners Eager to Hire/Rehire

This week, we got some positive signs our economy is improving. Jobless claims are at their lowest in more than a year.

There's a bit more optimism about the economy after this week's jobs report. A drop of 193,000 puts the number of new claims at 576,000. Mark Hamrick, with Bankrate, says parts of the economy seeing the quickest recovery those hit the hardest during the shutdowns. He says those same industries are now experiencing some growing pains.

“Employers are finding difficulty getting enough workers for entry level, lower paying positions, leisure and hospitality, bars and restaurants, as well as skilled trades that are needed for construction of homes and in some manufacturing jobs,” Hamrick said.

He expects those businesses to continue their recovery as more Americans get vaccinated.

“Just as there was a quick move to shut down these businesses, people are eager to get their businesses back on their feet, and that means they’ve got to get back in touch with the workers that they may have let go,” Hamrick explained. “Some of those people may have moved onto something else.”

Texas had one of the steepest declines in first-time jobless claims.

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