Corporate News Continues To Get The Texas Voter Integrity Laws Wrong

Suppose there were voting laws in place around the country. And then in the midst of a pandemic, several local officials decided to disregard those laws and make up new ones for their benefit?

That would be a pretty huge story right? Certainly a thrilling legal case.

Sadly, it already happened here in the United States. But because of the corporate media bias, and liberal judges, the story was never reported, and the case was never allowed to be heard in court.

Welcome to America in 2021.

In the aftermath of last year's elections, several states including Texas, are passing laws to ensure that every vote will truly matter. They are voter integrity laws, however the corporate media continues to lie and call them 'restrictive' or 'voter suppression'.

Republican strategist and attorney Jared Woodfill tells KTRH nothing could be further from the truth.

"The mainstream media is opposed to anything that Republicans or conservatives are for, you've got a whole lot of folks in newsrooms that are Democrats and liberals, and they don't like when they see conservatives protecting the ballot box."

And that battle continues here in Harris County were multiple lawsuits have been filed against election officials for violating state laws during last years election.

"When you have local elected officials going rogue, you have a serious problem" Woodfill says, pointing out that "We have filed numerous lawsuits against the County Clerk here in Harris County."

It started in Georgia, a state where Biden was declared the winner, and two Democrats won the Senate runoffs.

Next, will likely be Texas, but Woodfill says Texans know the truth. "We understand voter fraud occurs, we understand that it has to be stopped. Texans are smart, they're sharp, and they're not going to be blinded by the left, the media outlets, or the big businesses that try to convince them otherwise."

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