Biden Insists There’s No Border Crisis, But Now He Wants NASA To Help

With thousands of immigrants pouring into our country every single day. The Biden administration may have a secret weapon to deal with the crisis at the border.

Their plan? Call on NASA.

Rockets, a mission to Mars, and child care.

The Biden administration continues to say, or not say anything, that there is no crisis at the border. But Senator John Cornyn told KTRH, "They don't seem to have a clue on how to address it."

What started as a rush to overturn all of President Trump's border policies, even if they were extremely effective, the Biden administration has instead, opened up a rush of migrants that has made the situation completely out of control.

Cornyn, who is still waiting for Biden or border czar V.P. Harris to actually visit themselves. "This is a huge problem and so far the administration doesn't seem to recognize it for what it is" Cornyn said adding that "this is a policy problem, not a people problem."

And now it is also a NASA problem.

Bryan Preston of PJ Media told KTRH, NASA sent an internal memo asking for volunteers to help at the border. Stunning, but true.

"According to the email, they would stop what they were doing, which means if they're on the Perseverance Mission that currently has a rover on Mars, they would stop doing that and go help out at the border" Preston told KTRH.

So, you won't see V.P. Kamala Harris at the border. But maybe? A border astronaut.


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