The Governor Threatens To Move Election Day If THIS Happens…

It's been a busy start to the year for Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

There was the winter storm, the border crisis, re-opening the state to 100%, and now it's back to election integrity.

Lost in all of the noise, Abbott slipped in a pretty solid threat last week. If the Democrats pass their radical voting plan H.R. 1, Texas will move it's election day.

How would that work? Well, basically the federal elections will still be held as scheduled. But Texas would move it's elections to a separate day to ensure the voting would be legitimate.

As it stands right now, H.R. 1 is still considered a long shot to pass because of the 'filibuster'. But if it were to pass? Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote told KTRH, "We would have to look at something like what Governor Abbott has suggested."

Why? Engelbrecht simply says, "Federal elections will be federalized to a point that we've never even contemplated, the type of overreach that is packed into that bill."

The bill is called H.R. 1 because it's the Democrats top priority. But as Engelbrecht points out, it's really bad for the rest of us.

"H.R. 1 does away with in one fell swoop any form of identification requirements" she says. "There would be no more standards, which is something the majority of Americans actually agree on."

And as for all of the criticism that these voter integrity laws are receiving from the left, and corporate media? Engelbrecht says it's all basically a smoke green for Democrats to take over control of our elections.

"All of this is a political calculus to keep up this victimization racket" Engelbrecht says, adding "The politicians want us to stay at odds with one another, and they have coerced corporate America to play along with that game."

A game that we can't afford to lose.

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