If Social Media Is So Bad, Why Do So Many Of Us Still Use It?

It's really not a surprise, but according to a new study, the majority of Americans say they use some form of social media every single day.

These results come despite the growing frustration, especially amongst conservatives, over corporate media bias, and big tech censorship.

So if it's so bad? (which it is!) Why do we still continue to use it?

Social media strategist, and the CEO of Zoetica Media Kami Huyse told KTRH, "We still use social media because it connects us with the people we care about. It's as simple as that."

Family, friends, news, entertainment. All of it. "I don't think that's going to change" Huyse says. "You're still going to show up there, even if you kind of hate it."

Hate, of course, has been one of the biggest criticisms of social media, specifically last year's election. Backed by the corporate media's bias not to give President Trump any coverage at all while they promoted Joe Biden, the big tech giants Twitter and Facebook seized on the opportunity and banned Trump. They also conveniently censored any reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal, to ensure their candidate Biden would not receive any bad exposure.

Obviously it worked.

There has been growing speculation that President Trump is going to start his own social media platform. Huyse says it will be interesting. "I want to see what that looks like. He has a huge following, and I can see that it would absolutely be very popular for conservatives, so I am really waiting to see."

In the meantime, Huyse says social media is going to continue to grow, and it is not going away. Even with big tech censorship.

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