Democrats and Republicans to Meet With Biden on Infrastructure Plan

President Biden will meet with a group of Republicans and Democrats Monday to talk about his massive infrastructure plan.

The president says upgrading the nation's infrastructure shouldn't be a partisan issue. However, Republican leaders in Congress say the more than 2.2 trillion dollar price tag the president is proposing is too high. Republicans point out another problem: the vast majority of money is not allotted for actual infrastructure, like roads, bridges or highways.

“[He] wants to put 25 billion in childcare facilities, and he wants to put another 20 billion dollars into urban neighborhoods and call that ‘transportation money’? No, these are just runaway spending programs,” Cathie Adams, 1st Vice President of Eagle Forum, said.

Many congressional Republicans are also opposed to raising the corporate tax rate, one proposed way by the president to pay for the bill.

“I think that we have a president who is totally out of touch with the taxpayer. He is a man who thinks that he can increase taxes as though it is his income, his money,” Adams added. “No, it’s ours. It’s the taxpayers’ money.”

All these issues are likely to make bipartisan talks challenging.

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