The Woke Hypocrisy Hits New Levels Of Absurdity

Woke-ism, cancel culture, big tech censorship. Is it ever going to end?

What ever happened to love, tolerance, and inclusion?

The latest is the left's lies over the voter integrity laws in Georgia.

Major League Baseball decided to get involved in politics by pulling this summers All-Star Game from Atlanta over the new voting laws that have been falsely labeled as restrictive.

The game has since been moved to Colorado, which voting laws are even worse. And if you really want to talk about restrictions? Check out Joe Biden's home state of Delaware!

In the meantime, MLB like the NBA, has no problem at all doing major business with China. Apparently Chinese lives don't matter.

Brandon Morse, the editor of Red State told KTRH, "The Chinese market is very lucrative." "They will push what looks like fairness and equality, but this is going to come back and bite them."

And following MLB, 200 big companies joined in by denouncing voter id's, even though most of the companies themselves require id's! Like Delta, Paypal, and even Major League Baseball!

The hypocrisy just never ends. And oh by the way, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is keeping his membership at Augusta National, in Georgia.

As for the left's continual use of the race card to move their agenda? Morse says nothing is more racist than the Democrats insults of black communities.

"This is incredibly racist and insulting" Morse says. "It's assuming that minority communities are too dumb to actually go out there and use an id. This is ridiculous."

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