How The Left Is Buying Your Support And Growing The Welfare State

Most Americans have received the latest batch of Covid relief. But is it Stimulus? Or Welfare?

University of Houston Professor Jacquie Baly, a political and social expert, told KTRH, "This is the in-road that the Democrats have seen to push their socialist agenda."

It makes sense. Who wouldn't want to vote for the party that sends out free checks all the time?

And better yet, what if you get paid and not have to work? That could soon become a reality under the Biden administration.

Congress is working on an expanded child care credit of up to $3,600 per child, which sounds good by itself. Both Republicans and Democrats are on board with that.

The twist is under the Biden administration, you will be eligible for the credit even if you don't work. Plus, instead of waiting for tax time, they will be paid out in monthly installments.

Why support yourself and your family? When you can support a party that will pay you to stay home?

Jacquie Baly says all of the Democrats welfare programs will work out to be just like a nice salary. The big question is, who's going to pay for it?

"Instead of giving away everything for free, because they're trying to buy votes" Baly says, "We need to make sure that our economy is back up and that we have the finances behind all of these programs."

And just in case you're still wondering? Baly says, "yes, it's another form of socialism and pushing their agenda."

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