Border Crisis: Dems Plan – Send More Money To Central American Countries

As the border crisis continues, President Biden has yet to visit and see how bad it is first hand. Vice President Kamala Harris, who was appointed to be in charge of the border mess 2 weeks ago has not only not gone herself, she won't even talk about. Not a word.

But there are reports coming out of Washington on a part of the Biden border crisis plan, and it's pretty simple. Give billions of dollars to Central America.

That's right. Even after two separate -trillion- dollar spending bills, the Biden administration believes that if they provide stimulus to the northern triangle countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras), the crime and violence will cease, and the people there will no longer flock to the U.S.

Throw money at the problem and it will go away. Problem solved. And don't worry about all of the Americans that are still struggling mightily due to the pandemic.

Mark Metcalf, who is a former immigration judge told KTRH, "That's not going to work, I don't see that those dollars are going to be well spent." "The problem we're having right now is that we're returning to the Obama model, and the Obama model made the borders unsafe."

As for the Biden administration getting the border crisis under control? Metcalf says they really don't want it. "The democrats want to foster more illegal immigration. They see that more poor people will create voters in the long term for their ideal of a 'socialist' government. That's the problem."

And it's a big problem, especially here in Texas.

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