The GOP Says No Deal On Immigration Until Border Crisis Is Under Control

Almost 3 months into the Joe Biden presidency there is finally some unity.

Everyone agrees on both sides of the aisle, the crisis at the border is completely out of control.

For some reason Biden still refuses to visit the border. And as we approach the 2 week mark since Biden appointed VP Kamala Harris in charge, not only has she -not- made an appearance. She won't even talk about it.

Some Republicans Senators are speaking out. After visiting the border and seeing how bad it really is first hand, they have vowed not to agree to any new immigration deal until the border crisis is under control.

Unfortunately, as former Texas congressman Matt Rinaldi told KTRH, "The truth really is, the Democrats don't want to get the border under control. They want this situation because they want to import more and more Democrat voters."

It's hard to argue that. Do you think the President's response might be a little different if the border was next to Washington? They've had no problem keeping the Capitol as an active military zone, just in case those 'crazy right wing conservatives' show up. But if you want to riot and loot in the Pacific Northwest? Feel free.

So what happens next? Rinaldi says, "I see the Biden administration continuing to do nothing. I see Republicans demanding that something be done, but nothing will be done until Republicans take control of the House and Senate in two years, which I'm very confident will happen."

Some have suggested that Texas take matters into it's own hands and build the wall itself. Unfortunately, that can't happen on Federal ground.

Dennis Bonnen, the former speaker of the Texas House told KTRH, "this is the worst build up at the border I have ever seen", adding that "the only true immigration policy that can be passed in Washington that is worth passing, has to be bipartisan, or else it will be bad policy."

Senators Cruz And Cornyn Lead GOP Delegation To Mexico Border

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