Texas Election Officials Received $36 Million To Turn The State Blue

If you try to stand up against election fraud, you lose the All-Star game. Support it? That can be very lucrative.

According to a new report, Texas election officials received $36 million last year in an attempt to try and turn the state blue.

The big money was reportedly backed by big tech, primarily Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Bryan Preston of PJ Media told KTRH, "These reports have been coming out ever since the November elections actually . The money came from Zuckerberg's foundation, the 'Center For Technology And Civic Life'. The purpose of these grants is to tilt the government his way."

As a result, the majority of the money was given out in Biden leaning Democrat strongholds like Austin, Dallas, and also here in Houston.

"In Texas this didn't work" Preston says, and that's because we still have more rural counties that are red. But Preston warns that the fight is not over.

"Their end game is to own the government. This cannot stand."

The war for America continues.


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