The Green New Deal Will Be A Bad Deal For Texas

Earlier this week President Biden officially introduced his new $3 trillion dollar infrastructure plan.

But is it really an infrastructure bill? Or a cover for the 'Green New Deal'?

According to the numbers, only about 5% of the monies will go to actual 'infrastructure'. And while you're out spending your stimulus check? The Biden administration is preparing for the biggest tax increase in U.S. history! They hope to haul in a whopping $3 trillion dollars over ten years.

If that's not bad enough? The bill will also lead to many jobs being lost here in Texas in the energy sector.

Phil Barnett, owner of Barnett Energy told KTRH, "It's going to be bad for Texas. Over 90% of the U.S. economy has a direct tie to the cost of energy, so you're talking about something that has no real upside."

Not if you ask the mainstream media outlets. The New York Times was roundly crticized for what one journalist said was a quote "straight out propaganda piece".

Barnett says the bill will be good for banks, and investors. But for the rest of us? "It's going to be devastating. It's a typical government power grab. There's nothing green about what they're doing."

Actually, there will be a lot of green. But not for everyone.

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