Houston Covid Numbers Have Plummeted - So Why Aren't We Hearing About It?

Remember when there was a Covid news conference almost every single day?

The doom and gloom was relentless. So now that Covid numbers are at a 3-month low? Crickets!

You would think if there was ever a reason to hold a news conference, that would be it. The numbers are going down!

But we have yet to hear a word from Mayor Turner or Judge Hidalgo. And for the record, both declined interview requests for this story.

Former Judge Ted Poe did speak, telling KTRH, "Those in the elite class that are in control of our lives are disappointed. It's all about control."

And thanks to Governor Greg Abbott re-opening Texas a little over 3 weeks ago, the Covid positivity rate is below 5%, with hospitalization rates at a 3-month low.

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