The New Normal: Proof of Vaccines to Go To Work?

As Covid Vaccines become more available, more companies are welcoming back their remote workers to the office. Most American CEOs want to be able to know the covid vaccine status of their employees...this according a KPMG survey. Can those employers demand to know their workers' vaccine status? Attorney Charles Adams says yes. "Employers can absolutely demand the show of either proof of a full vaccination or get the vaccination to be in the workplace. There are exceptions for companies with more than 14 employees. "There are 2 exceptions: 1) People who have a physical disability that would prevent them from safely taking the vaccine. 2) People with a sincerely held religious belief against taking a vaccine. "

More Americans Support Mandatory Covid Vaccines for Work and Leisure

The EEOC approves even if the employee is working remotely. Adams, however says the remote worker would have a good chance at fighting it successfully.

Charles Adams hosts The Truth on am 950 KPRC.

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Vaccine Proof for Working

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