Border Crisis: Illegal Criminals Are Hitting Texas

As if the crisis at the border couldn't get any worse? Violent criminals are now being released into our country each and every day.

The flood of illegal immigrants is completely out of control, even if the Biden administration chooses to ignore it.

And because of the lack of policy and leadership, along with the elimination of Donald Trump's secure border policies, many of these violent criminals are being re-released, even after being charged and convicted of murder, rape, and even child abuse.

Congressman Troy Nehls, who just wrapped up a trip to the border told KTRH that even though the Biden administration doesn't know what's going on, the criminals sure do! "They know they're going to be released into our country, and so many of them are coming in undetected. I call them the bad hombre's."
And not just bad for the border, but also for the entire state of Texas, including here in Houston where the crime rate is already at near record level highs.

"Eventually, they're coming to you" warns Nehls who also happens to be the former Sherriff of Fort Bend County.

"If you look at what is happening in our country with 'defunding the police'? The border patrol is feeling the same way because they just don't have the support of our President" Nehls says. "He should be ashamed."

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