The Stimulus Bills Are Really About Politics, Not The Economy

Just when you thought the Democrat spending spree was ready to slow down?

First it was the $1.9 trillion dollar Covid relief plan (with only 9% actually going to Covid)

The next item on the list? The 3 trillion dollar! Biden Infrastructure bill, which reportedly has only about 1/3 going to actual 'infrastructure'.

"I think the Covid relief spending is no longer about relief, but a political manipulation tool" says political analyst Debbie Georgatos.

To the Democrats credit, you can't criticize the names of the bills. 'The American Rescue Plan', and now 'Build Back Better'. Unfortunately, it's what is in the bills, not their titles.

A massive cash grab that not only rewards, and bails out blue states for their mismanagement. The huge amount of money is also strengthening and positioning the Democrats to keep their control.

This should serve as yet another wake-up call for voters Georgatos told KTRH, "Trump really woke up people on how we have been lured on a path to Marxism. So hopefully we're going to have more people wake-up and recognize they don't want what the left is offering America."

These ginormous bills are going to be really bad for our economy according to the experts. Unfortunately, we've heard that so often, we've become numb to it.

And even more alarming, we are losing our heart and soul. "The American population is slowly being moved away from the self reliant American can-do spirit, to a mind set of depending on the government to bail me out."

And that's exactly where they want us to be.

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