Americans Are Spending Their Stimulus Money On Guns

Gun sales are still booming across the country. Studies show the spike in sales is fueled by, of all things, those 14-hundred-dollar stimulus checks.

Americans are spending their stimulus on firearms. Investigators across the country report more requests for background checks around the same time period many got their government payment. There are similar stories at Houston area gun shops.

“In the last few months, we’ve seen people coming in, and literally: ‘We got some money, and we want to buy a gun. We are afraid that they’re going to take them away, that they are not going to let us buy them,’” Lenny Miller, one of the managers at Hog Heaven in Houston, said.

Miller says their establishment has seen a surge in first time buyers.

“A lot of people that have never shot a gun, held a gun, even thought about owning a gun, now all of a sudden are gun owners. That’s been probably the biggest surge in customers that are coming in,” Miller explained.

Gun rights advocates say it's ironic the politicians who are in favor of more stimulus may be surprised consumers are spending it on items the same politicians are trying to limit.

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