Why Some Money Watchers Think The Stock Market Has Been Overstimulated

The stimulus checks are out. But has the stock market been 'overstimulated'?

Now after the 1-year mark of the pandemic, the strong market surge set by Donald Trump continues. But will it last?

Financial expert Derrick Kinney told KTRH, "the state of the economy is very much in flux right now" Kinney says, "while the stimulus checks are good they are temporary."

Stocks soared 75% over the last year, thanks to Trump, but experts like Kinney believe the nation is now at a tipping point.

Why? Basically, because many of the stocks that were hot during the pandemic, like Amazon, and Zoom, have come back down to earth.

So the question now is, where will the stock market go from here? And what about the economy? and inflation? and of even greater significance, what about some of the radical policies being pushed by the Biden administration?

As for whether or not the stock market success is a barometer of how the economy is doing? Kinney says we'll find out over the next 3-6 months.

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